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Calgary Microsoft Store Chinook Mall Grand Opening

Was invited to the official Grand Opening of the Microsoft Store at Chinook Mall in Calgary. It was a blast as I attended the early access Store Tour to get a good look at everything the day before it was open, you can see that article attached below. I was once again invited to cover the grand opening which had a great level of excitement that I will try to capture in this article.

They also gave generous amounts to local community associations and had a wild set of giveaways paired with those The Band Perry tickets they were giving away (Sadly I didn't get any of those tickets) (Update, I did get tickets thanks to my friends at Microsoft and it was a blast!). I'm sure the mass crowds were definitely happy to go see the band the following day. So with that, enjoy the shots below for the Grand Opening of the Microsoft Store in Calgary at Chinook Mall.

Microsoft Store Calgary Chinook Mall Tour

Calgary Microsoft Store Leader Russel Shaw

Have a bunch of shots from before the opening with executives and representatives from the companies receiving the community money below and then will move onto the very exciting store opening.

Calgary Microsoft Store Donation at Grand Opening

Calgary Microsoft Store Donation at Grand Opening

Calgary Microsoft Store Deputy Chief Robert Chaffin

Even the Deputy Chief Robert Chaffin was at the event for some words about the store opening and its work in the community presently along with in the future. Now we got into the actual curtain drop and ribbon cut which was just insane.

There were people hopping, loud music and vast amounts of excitement as the crowds entered the store. I myself was quite blown away with this as the last time when I went to the Edmonton Store I hadn't been able to stay for the ribbon cutting. So here are some shots from the inside of the store during those opening moments and I'll have a video link right here that properly shows the spirit off.

Microsoft Store Grand Opening Video

Calgary Microsoft Store First Buyers

Calgary Microsoft Store Hype Train

Calgary Microsoft Store First Buyer

The event was definitely exciting and I had a great time as did many others. Once more I will thank Microsoft for inviting me out to cover the event as it was awesome and look forward to covering other local events in the area. Just a few more photos to continue the hype and stay tuned for future articles!

Calgary Microsoft Store Customers

Calgary Microsoft Store Clapping Staff

Calgary Microsoft Store 3D Printer
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