Xbox Challenges are Under Used

One of the original things that was really neat for the Xbox One in terms of change was when it came down to the enhanced achievement system. This included the upgrade for gamerscore to par on each game and to what extent future achievements could be added. Also was the talk of these challenges that could be added in after and time set for individuals to unlock. The additional challenge achievements would be a neat way for developers to award players for doing particular additional tasks and or future events. Now this idea is actually quite awesome as the hardcore unlockers will go back to play this while others will enjoy having an extra token to show off amongst friends. The only issue here is that developers just don't seem to care enough to add anymore. There must be some system that forces games to have one off the bat as it seems to be the thing as there are never anymore added. It's really only Killer Instinct, Xbox Fitness and Kinect Sports Rivals that are implementing these constantly. Not only does it encourage people to come back and play or try new areas the bonus in-game unlocks are well welcomed. These work beautifully within these games for more points, items or bonus stamps in Fitness. Even Dead Rising the one time gave an item for finishing a challenge at which they have recently stopped doing. This is a system that should be supported as it gives me reason to go back to play these games, otherwise I'll just keep dropping them after finishing everything. It may sound stupid to some having 0 gamerscore unlocks, but some individuals will aim for these and keep playing games well past their prime launch window. I'd like to see some developers focus on this to not only give the players something for continuing on their game, but also keep people attached to games this generation.

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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