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Halo Nightfall Screenshots

Somewhat along the same lines of what I did for the Halo 2 Anniversary screenshots so here are stills from the upcoming Halo Nightfall which of course comes bundled with the Legendary Master Chief Collection. These pictures feature everything from Installation 04 in the background to Agent Locke and the fairly good looking female lead in the film. It also sports some ONI members and regular marines that will be featured in the digital feature. I tried to stray from sharing filming moments and focused on actual cuts from the movie itself. It's nice to see Halo weapons in the hands of regular folks for once as it seems strangely natural though I don't like all the personality the squad has as they look almost nothing like UNSC marines. So here are some awesome shots for Nightfall and hope you enjoy as this looks really interesting! Halo Nightfall lands with the Master Chief collection on November 11, 2014 as a complete package.

Halo Nightfall Trailer

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Wallpaper

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Crew

Halo Nightfall Screenshot ONI

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Duo

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Crew Walking

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Marines

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Agent Locke

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Agent Locke

Halo Nightfall Screenshot Hot Woman

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