You've Been Chosen "Nightmare" Teaser

I was just about to go to sleep until I received a late night email from Bioware and EA saying "You've Been Chosen". So I decided to check it out at the late of the night and you can to from the link below which takes you to the site. What we're given on the site which really isn't loading well at the point of writing is a "Nightmare" teaser trailer showing off a dark world with a glowing face person or something and the thought that nightmares are the darkest aspect of life or other. Anyways you can check that out and it definitely is a teaser trailer for a new game or something that Bioware must have been working on at the side. I'm quite surprised they had resources for this and look forward to details as they arise. Anyways enjoy!

You've Been Chosen Nightmare Teaser Site

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner