A New Rock Band?

Rock Band 3 at this point has been out for a long time and the DLC itself which flowed freely for many years has stopped recently. It has had me and many others wondering whether or not the true rock franchise would return at some point in the future. I mean if Dance Central is having another go this generation than why shouldn't the well loved Rock Band series come back. Well for the first time in awhile I got a Rock Band specific newsletter as did anyone else on the sign up for Harmonix information. What made this particular one interesting is that it focus on Rock Band and asks the individual to fill out a survey regarding the future of the series along with how frequently they still play. The newsletter also says that they have been regularly discussing what they should do in terms of the future of the game. When you go into filling out the survey there are just a couple questions though interesting ones as they ask whether you would want to see a next generation Rock Band for Xbox One or Playstation 4 and also if you feel that legacy support for past consoles is a good idea. They also inquire into whether or not you would like to see new instruments be released for a new iteration. Another question goes over DLC support for the future title in how important that's to you. I would love another entry as I love Rock Band and need the keep the party play going on the next generation for years to come. Personally I feel this could be best achieved in a style of what Dance Central Spotlight is doing in putting out a small digital base from which you purchase DLC on in order to create a unique experience for yourself. Whatever the case is I'm excited for future details and maybe even playing a new Rock Band in a few years. Will mention that this is speculation on what the newsletter means though it does point towards a new Rock Band.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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