Adventures of Pip on Kickstarter

There's this little pixel character called Pip and he basically needs your help to become a finished product. The Adventures of Pip is currently on kickstarter and about a good third towards the way of coming to a number of platforms with only nine days to go at this current point of writing. Now what makes this project stick out for me is that it's one of the few indie titles that isn't trying to go PC/Playstation exclusive and is heading for everyone else. Which should makes itself a unique title on the market, Pip is being directed targeted for PC, Xbox One and Wii U. These are the usual parties that get left out except for the PC so I thought I would write a little something in hopes of bringing what looks like a fairly magical side-scrolling pixel adventure to some people at least. Originally a mobile publisher backed game Pip is looking towards these platforms to become a part of something larger. I also find the console and desktop market is a place that preserves titles a lot better and gives higher prestige than mobile. So our character basically traverses through the world fighting creatures and absorbing their pixels in order to grow stronger and evolve which is tied into a unique levelling system. There are multiple areas to explore with sets of enemies, bosses and merchants to buy supplies from in your journeys. Along with puzzles and obstacles this should be a magical pixel world for you to explore. From the rest of screenshots on the page there definitely seems to be some crazy looking monsters from piles of sludge to giant frogs. So if this sounds interesting and you like the beautiful artwork you can check out the Kickstarter page for the Adventures of Pip below.

Adventures of Pip Kickstarter Page

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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