Call of Duty 2018 Figures Could be Teasing Modern Warfare 2 Remaster

At New York Toy Fair 2018 McFarlane revealed a line for Call of Duty figures. There were just two figures teased featuring Soap and Ghost from the Modern Warfare franchise. It was also suggested that more may come in waves after, with those being based on iconic characters. What's interesting here, at least to go with the headline is that the figures come with special content. This is noted as "Bonus in-game “XP” unlockable content included" with each figure.

That's rather interesting as lines like this that come with in-game specific items are usually tied with a game they belong to. It does just note experience as being the highlighted focus, yet the wording is rather vague. It may be a stretch to some degree, yet it would make sense due to a number of factors that this might have to do with a Modern Warfare 2 remaster.
McFarlane Call of Duty Figures
The first is that the marketing material is focused strictly on Modern Warfare which is odd considering it's a Treyarch year and Black Ops 4 is apparently what's been rumored thus far. It would be weird to have characters release around the same time as the game (Fall 2018) and have them be completely irrelevant from the theme of the game. It will have been two years since Call of Duty 4 was remastered so it would leave time for development. Modern Warfare 2 remastered would be most likely following the first game and that this line includes two figures from that particular entry. Ghost is exactly from that game, yet it appears Soap is in his Modern Warfare 3 kit. It's been awhile, though I recall his outfit in Modern Warfare 2 being slightly altered.

The second entry is also in massive demand from the fans and after the success of the first game it would make sense that Activision would push for another remaster. This is due to the limited work involved as well as the increased sales for the titles it's bundled with. Pair that with the new microtransactions and it's easy cash flow. None of the Modern Warfare games have become backwards compatible on Xbox either and this could further lead into the fact they want this series to be remastered at some point. Again, it might be nothing though it was something that stuck out to me while I was checking out these great figures from McFarlane. You can read the full details on these two below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner