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Past Cure Install Size

The install size for Past Cure has been revealed coming in at a decent size at launch releasing on February 22, 2018 and taking up a total of 8.51 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. It presents a cinematic focused experience with a narrative driven story where player's can use mind bending abilities in order to survive. Once a former elite soldier, Ian is left scarred by torture and experiments. He has a fractured mind where he's unable to control his unique abilities such as time manipulation and telekinesis.

Driven by a goal of revenge and a desire for the truth he works with his brother to find out who exactly did this to him. As he descends into the criminal underworld he'll need to use his powers as an assist, but at the cost of being driven further from reality. This is a supernatural thriller with many lore based items within the world and intense cutscenes. There will be a mix of stealth or action based segments depending on play style and some scenes where players will work through puzzles within a confusing version of possibly reality. Marketplace Storepage (Showing on site)
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