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Armored Warfare Install Size

The install size for Armored Warfare has been revealed coming in at a decent size at launch releasing on February 6, 2018 taking up a total of 21.35 GB on the Playstation Store. This is a tank based game with a focus on competitive online multiplayer where groups battle it out for supremacy. Armored Warfare is available in the Playstation 4 store under a selection of bundle options. It's also regularly a free to play title that doesn't require Playstation Plus to battle online with others. This adds great value to those that just generally want to give it a go, no extra membership is required to access it.

Aside from straight up PVP action players can also engage in cooperative PVE combat. These are difficult missions where groups will have to coordinate with one another in order to tackle the challenges and complete the objectives given for rewards. The game features a number of distinct modern tanks ranging from main line heavies to light or even self-propelled. Each has their own place on the battlefield and can directly influence how a match is going with each skirmish being unique. Armored Warfare is definitely real tank action.

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