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Are you the One? Xbox in the UK has teamed up with a group of Youtube personalities to dub "The One" in various categories and games. These are all available on the website ranging from Call of Duty Ghosts to Titanfall. Apparently available only to the UK they are requesting you upload whatever clip it is with the right description to be judged and a many prizes to be given out to the winners. It's a nice mini content that you can check out below in the linked area and best of luck.

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Tipped off on the Xbox UK Facebook Page there is apparently a contest coming soon, April 11th to be exact that will have details revealed on the page linked below. The only mention of what this contest will be about has to do with Are You The One?, mixed with a timer and of course a little mention of "Xbox, Record That". So I'm going to assume the upload area has something to do with this contest and other pictures shown look like a sports game (Fifa?), Dead Rising 3 and of course Titanfall. So will you be the One? Further details will be updated to this page as they come in.

Are You the One? Contest Page

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Article by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner