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Lost Sphear Install Size

The install size for Lost Sphear has been revealed coming in at a small size at launch releasing on January 23, 2018 taking up a total of 4.79 GB on the Playstation Store. This JRPG follows a young man named Kanata as he awakens from a devastating dream to find his village of Elgarthe is disappearing. He faces an ominous power that aims to destroy the fabric of reality and with a group of friends he heads out to battle this force. They need to use the power of Memory to save the world from being truly lost forever as it is already slowly fading away.

The world is full of mystery and intrigue as you venture across a landscape plagued by darkness. You're able to tread your own path by using Memory in the vast world while working through an evocative narrative. The game's enhanced ATB Battle System allows strategic freedom of movement during combat. You can also capture mechanized Vulcosuit armor in fields and battle to equip your troop for interesting challenges. It's a seamless world of exploration and combat. Sphear is an interesting proposed evolution in a golden age of JRPG.

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