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The Inpatient Install Size

The install size for The Inpatient has been revealed coming in at an alright size at launch releasing on January 23, 2018 taking up a total of 10.42 GB on the Playstation Store. This is a game where the Playstation VR and Camera are required in order to play it. The experience is enhanced with two Playstation Move controllers. In the story you need to discover who you before it's too late while being stuck within the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the events of Until Dawn.

There's a focus on deep immersion that puts you directly into the experience as an amnesiac inpatient attempting to find out why they're locked in the sanatorium. This is slowly revealed as you progress and in the various choices you make while being there. As with Until Dawn there's a heavy focus on branching narrative options with your choices directly affecting your life and the lives of those all around you. It's also not just about scares as you enjoy a rich story of mystery and intrigue. They really do want it to feel like you're in this situation with a choice of gender, a full body representation and character voiced narration.

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