H1Z1 Announced

Sony Online has gone all out today with the ever so random, yet not random announcement of H1Z1. This is to be a massive online zombie survival game with no levelling and a focus on character development, along with building in a massive world. Based off of Planetside 2 in terms of engine (The next-generation Forgelight) this will play about the same and should be absolutely massive, in fact they even mentioned it should run even better. My question is how well this shapes up against DayZ as that is the current leader and best in my books at the moment. For this statement I am wondering what sort of comparisons there will be between the two in terms of survival and actually action. In-game chat will also be a feature which is commonly used in DayZ for a many fun happenings. The other smaller mentions are an in game economy and zombies, also with differing servers holding thousands of players. There is supposed to be an early access coming out soon at the price of $20 though apparently it is supposed to be a free to play title sometime in the future. Which I guess is more of a buy in and it should be available for everyone at some point in the future. Though I will note that Sony also mentioned that we will have access to the title in the really near future. The current window given is 4-6 months, screenshots and gameplay to follow in the next couple of days. This game will be on PC first and I will assume as they have mentioned that it will come to Playstation 4 as it is bundled with their all around subscription system. I'll give a link to the subreddit they have quietly created as the main site doesn't display really anything. That's all we have for now and I will continue to update on the situation.

H1Z1 Sub-Reddit
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H1Z1 Survivor

H1Z1 Darkness

H1Z1 Driving

H1Z1 Lone Survivor
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