Minecraft Ironfall (Titanfall)

If there is a will there is definitely a way as Titanfall makes its way to Minecraft on the PC. Currently the game mode that is featured within the server bolded at the bottom only has the map Rise recreated with a slightly more dense feel to it, though others are to be added in the future. The mode itself is actually a ton of fun with guns and even calling in the odd Iron Golem to assist you in battle. I'd have to say I would never expect the mode to follow actual gameplay so well as it includes reloads, weapons names and the double jump. There are even grenades, golem destroying weaponry and a stim bonus when needed. The game mode is well balanced and anyone that loves Titanfall (everyone) will want to check it out. So get ready to drop those Golems! Seriously, it's called and comes plummeting to the ground just like a regular Titan would in the Xbox Exclusive. Will also mention that it's advised you download their home baked texture pack to make it look that much more authentic, it'll prompt you once joining a match.

Ironfall Server: thechunk.net

Minecraft Ironfall Gameplay

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner