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UFC 3 Install Size

The install size for EA Sports UFC 3 has been revealed coming in at a decent size at launch releasing on February 2, 2018 and taking up a total of 19.43 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The game is Xbox One X enhanced with no noted 4k or HDR support at the current moment, it will however be improved on the higher end model. This is the third entry in the series and the developers aim to revolutionize the realism. This is achieved with Real Player Motion Tech, a new animation technology that is noted as the most responsive and authentic athletic motion in sports gaming.

Every punch, kick, block, and counter have been recaptured with the new technology for a truly authentic experience in the Octagon. All the moves you perform should feel more life-like and responsive for more fierce competitions. In the G.O.A.T. Career Mode players attempt to gain fans, fame and global attention by working their way up. How you promote outside of the Octagon is just as important as when you're performing within it suggesting a well rounded career mode to become the greatest out there. There are also many new customizable multiplayer modes with local and online options for two players.

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