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Railway Empire Install Size

The install size for Railway Empire has been revealed coming in at a rather small size at launch releasing on January 30, 2018 and taking up a total of 6.03 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The game is Xbox One X enhanced with 4k resolution and HDR support for some glorious high resolution trains. The setting is the 1830's where you're attempting to build a rail empire within this strategy game. Exploit the economic conditions of the United States like all good capitalists do across a variety of campaign scenarios. Each will present a new task or challenge for you to overcome.

There are over 40 historically accurate locomotives and more than 30 different wagons that can be acquired while playing. Each has strengths and weakness’; but they all ride the rail and like the Cole Train runs on whole grain, they run on coal. Compete with rivals, become the best and enjoy the thrill of trains. There's even a neat first person perspective mode where players can "ride along" on their trains for a scenic viewing. Railway Empire can be played within a structured campaign mode or in a more casual no pressure mode where players build their dream train line.

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