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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One X Install Size

The install size for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox One X has been revealed coming in at a large size with the enhanced option being available starting December 20, 2017 taking up a total of 40.04 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The Xbox One Base size is noted as same size as the currently available enhanced version.

It could be that new dynamic content download was at play on the console to keep sizes down or they share the same assets. The install size was grabbed from the console with the game having been given a decently large update and it now showing up under "Xbox One X Enhanced Games" tab. 4k assets for games are automatically available to those on the Xbox One X. This install size should stay relatively the same since I can't imagine the game receiving further updates as this should be the last bit of content or change for the core game that released a couple years back. It's also worth noting the game has two absolutely amazing expansions available.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One X Install Size Screenshot
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is quite possibly the best game of the current generation and it has received some incredible enhancements. In the game you get two mode options, the first is performance mode and the second is 4k mode. In 4k mode the game will run with a native 4k resolution at 30fps. With the performance mode players can get up to 4k resolution through dynamic delivery and a buttery smooth 60fps. Regardless of your choice both modes have HDR support to make the entire world just glow.

That's not where it stops however as the game has other general improvements across both modes. This includes enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering. The textures are also higher in resolution. These features come together for one excellent improvement making the Xbox One X version truly stunning. The game is the ending of Geralt's story as he attempts to find Ciri while dealing with loose ends and hunting creatures. It's one of the most expansive worlds ever created as one of the best RPG releases of all time. Marketplace Storepage (Size on Site)
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