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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Xbox One X Install Size

The install size for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Xbox One X has been revealed coming in at a decent size with the enhanced option being available starting December 13, 2017 taking up a total of 23.60 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The Xbox One Base size is noted as 22.61 GB at the current moment as just the core title. It would seem that both sizes are close to the same size with only small tweaks.

It could be that new dynamic content download was at play on the console to keep sizes down or they share very similar assets. The install size was grabbed from the console with the game having been given a small yet large for the type of game update and it now showing up under "Xbox One X Enhanced Games" tab. 4k assets for games are automatically available to those on the Xbox One X. This install size will most likely keep relatively the same going forward, but this depends on if the DLC content is loaded onto the main title or provided separately as it releases. Keep in mind that there's a full DLC season pass available that adds stories from the various upcoming MCU properties.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Xbox One X Install Size Screenshot
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is the latest offering within the long running LEGO series continuing the events of the first release. This entry provides a new enemy for the heroes to team up against and a focus on the MCU side of Marvel since the X-Men and Fantastic Four are not present. It still has an absolutely massive roster of characters available from all aspects of Marvel. When it comes to the Xbox One X enhancement we don't have exact specifics yet for what changes have been made.

It seems there is some texture improvement at play though a resolution isn't given and it doesn't note HDR support. I've reached out to my WB Games representative to get the full details on what exactly has been changed here and am waiting on them to receive the information. It's certainly interesting to see the game get an enhancement, most definitely welcomed though unexpected. It could show a great sign moving forward that the well loved series will be more optimized for the more powerful consoles moving forward. Marketplace Storepage (Size on Site)
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