Minecraft Xbox Find Emerald Fast

Here is something different, decided to compile a quick article or well guide to find Emerald quickly. Following these simple instructions will net you at least five emeralds in about a minute or so. It really depends on how fast you can get all your supplies quickly to find, or alternatively you can watch the guide video from below to see a visual component.

Seed: 92177923032698776

You will be able to use the above seed to load this world and this will work for Xbox, Playstation or even PC Versions of Minecraft. X: 196, Y:65, Z:209 and you will be easily able to find an entrance to two emeralds on the bottom ledge area below. Another emerald is to the right of those and even quickly visable at X: 152, Y: 16, Z: 192 with others available a little down the ravine at X: 235, Y: 17, Z: 211 and finally one at X: 228, Y: 16, Z: 227. If you happen to find any others feel free to comment them below!

Find Emerald Fast Video Guide

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner