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Fortnite Xbox One X Install Size

The install size for Fortnite on Xbox One X has been revealed coming in at an alright size with the enhanced option being available starting November 29, 2017 taking up a total of 17 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The Xbox One Base size is noted at 16.82 GB and the game itself was around 12 GB at launch. It looks like both versions are essentially the exact same size at this current point. It could be that new dynamic content download was at play on the console to keep sizes down or they just both share the same asset content. The install size was grabbed from the console with the game having been given a small update and it now showing up under "Xbox One X Enhanced Games" tab. 4k assets for games are automatically available to those on the Xbox One X. This install size will be updated as the game is, it's in early access currently so expect this game in particular to grow quite a bit.

Fortnite Xbox One X Install Size Screenshot

Fortnite is an Epic Games title that will eventually become a free to play title. It currently offers a main base building type game and a Battle Royale mode. It's got a great third person style that makes it perfect for building quick bases, battling one another or taking on waves of creatures. There's definitely a ton of content present and a very great effort from Epic. With this Fortnite Xbox One X enhancement the game gets a bump to 4k resolution. This pushes the game to play at what the PC has at Epic settings. There are also just a pile of refinements to make this game gorgeous.

First off, there's better-quality reflections (including screen space reflections being enabled). You also get higher quality post processes with motion blur, anti-aliasing, and depth of field. There are better draw distances, more detailed foliage along with shadow casting enabled on more lights and objects. The textures are of a higher resolution and the shadows have been increased. What you're getting with content is 80% of 4k that is then upscaled to 4k while the HUD is native 4k. With quick math 80% is approximately 1728p, so around there since an exact number isn't provided. It should be an awesome improvement and fans of the game will certainly appreciated the jump. Marketplace Storepage (Size on Site)
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Fortnite Xbox One X Install Size Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner