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ReCore Xbox One X Install Size

The install size for ReCore on Xbox One X has been revealed coming in at an alright size with the enhanced option being available starting November 16, 2017 taking up a total of 13.6 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The Xbox One Base/Windows 10 size is noted at 16.87 GB and the game itself was around 10 GB at launch. It looks as though compression or the new dynamic content download was at play to increase the size (the update) while decreasing the overall space on the console. The install size was grabbed from the console with the game having been given a tiny update and it now showing up under "Xbox One X Enhanced Games" tab. The option to turn on 4k assets for games is present under "Settings - System - Backup & transfer - download 4k game content". This install size should be close to the final number as all the announced DLC has finished releasing though smaller updates may still come by to fix or tweak things.

ReCore is an alright third person shooting platformer that follows a girl named Joule and her group of robots. It takes place on Far Eden, a seemingly deserted planet that some of humanity fled to. Joule awakens to a hostile desert and with her robots needs to discover what went wrong. There's a regular story, some dungeons and a small DLC to roll through. The entire game is presented at 1440p on Xbox One X with added HDR support. Prior to that a Definitive Edition update came out with free DLC and a number of performance fixes. It's also a Xbox Play Anywhere title where you buy it digitally on either Xbox One or Windows 10 and you own it on both. This also means that saves and Achievements are shared between the versions. Marketplace Storepage (Win10/One Base on Site)
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