Assassin's Creed: 10 Years Later

Assassin's Creed has finally hit the ten year mark and that honestly seems like a low number considering the quantity of entries that have been released within the franchise. Aside from main entries the game has seen smaller releases across almost every platform whether that's consoles, PC or mobile devices. There was even a movie within this first ten years, but that really didn't go over too well. What's really interesting about this series aside from the many releases is how the general story is handled. Each is handled almost as an entirely different narrative with different characters and a new era.

What's strange about that is originally it did have a set story around a group of assassins but it grew too popular and needed to get some sequels made right away. This actually worked better for the franchise offering smaller bits of connecting plot points and then just going where ever they've wanted to. This brought us some amazing open worlds such as the sands of Ancient Egypt, the breathtaking oceans from Black Flag or even the bustling Victorian era London. They truly have created some incredible worlds and even more so brought locations of parkour flying and intense assassinating.

Assassin's Creed: 10 Years Later
It's been really interesting to see how this series has changed yet at its core stayed relatively the same. The basic movement and combat is relatively untouched though each entry tries something different with various portions of the game. The introduction of the sea was a big deal as many of the titles since have tried to incorporate that aspect into it. Players have been able to enjoy some really wide spread options of exploration from pirates to swayed noble folk from some truly iconic periods in history. They've also been able to meet some well known historic figures and had their experiences expanded upon with additional content. I actually really liked their recent expansion of having Eagle vision become an actual bird in the sky.

There's always been the core single player, but at times the multiplayer has been fun as well taking out friends or working together briefly in heist type situations. Those have been fun and it'll be neat to see if they care to try to integrate multiplayer in future releases. While it's been mostly a grand time, occasionally some of the games have had minor issues or bugs with Unity being a particularly defining point there. Still, it's been fun to go around taking out targets, discovering the ever expanding history of the Brotherhood against the Templars and seeing many places in time. Few games capture that historic aspect like Creed does and it's great to see them always attempting to provide a different location or era to explore. It's done well so far and I certainly expect to see many Assassin's Creed titles in the future as despite the short time it's been around the series it known by so many. I'd like to see them perhaps try some smaller standalone titles as well like Liberation of the Chronicles titles.

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