Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Xbox One X Enhancement Release Date

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has been heavily pushed as one of the biggest games for Xbox One X and with that, a display of the console's power. The Xbox One X enhanced update has been set as releasing on Monday, November 6th at 3am PST in 2017. For reference, 4am MST or 6am EST. This date was given to me by my local WB rep after inquiring about information on this update for my review. The game will be enhanced to take advantage of the extra power presenting native 4k at 30fps. It's going to really showcase the power of this console as the game is wonderful on the standard console in terms of environment, scale and the narrative.

If you weren't aware, the game is a Xbox Play Anywhere title where if purchased on Xbox One or Windows 10 it's owned on both platforms. This includes cross-saves and a shared Achievement list. The story follows Talion and his wraith friend that lives within him as they aim to get revenge against the many evils within Mordor. This experience is rounded out by the Nemesis system of which you take over Orcs, have Orcs fight each other or generally just mess with what the Orcs are doing in their day to day. It may not be nice, but they will remember you even after they've killed you. The game is seriously incredible and worth checking out if you haven't previously played it.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner