Destiny Prequel Series Would be Awesome

After just wrapping up Destiny 2, I had a similar feeling that I had when playing the original game. That of course being that it would be really awesome to see a Destiny prequel series. I'm really not at all engaged with the story of this series, but the discussions some characters have of an older time or the great relics you see make this really appealing. Destiny is strange in that it takes place so long after an event and it's just this battle against varying factions. You see destroyed structures, you face creatures though you're never sure why they're here or the back story behind them carving up the solar system and Earth. There's definitely potential here to either tell an aspiring tale of conquest in the system or even better, its downfall.

This could act as a story of seeing this large scale human control over the galaxy slowly slip away into something of an epic battle. Think of it like Mass Effect 3, but more confined to the realm of humanity's growth and the affect of the Traveler. It certainly sounds like a more interesting narrative, at least to me and I some potential in taking the type of game to that time. It's also very open for possibility as not too much is described about the era aside from small details and the gorgeous wreckage players explore.

Destiny Prequel Series Would be Awesome
This could potentially bring a tale that starts off as hopefully and exciting as players deal with threats while helping to expand colonization. It could then turn rather crazy as the darkness arrives and begins to push forces back. Another interesting option might be to start right in the middle of this conflict, see a swift change in the solar system and battle forces in a battle that's not destined to be won. The way certain events are discussed make this time before the series of Destiny more interesting than the tale currently being told. I'd love to see how this light first changed the world or how these might structures on the various planets fell. It would be a great excuse to visit past planets and with the environmental work Bungie has done, these areas would be stunning.

It would be really great to see this effect on Earth as the areas you explore are amazing. The mechanics of the game wouldn't change much, the light would be there and combat could be similar. Who knows what factions were involved during this time and it would be really interesting to see some of the accomplishments that are destroyed throughout the Destiny series in their prime. I thought it would be an awesome thing to witness, it wouldn't change too much and the wars from this previous time have always sounded better than what's going on story wise in the present series. It's an open area and an opportunity to move forward after this series wraps up.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner