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Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Review

"There’s an Apocalypsegeddon a foot "


Down to the point, Callie’s father the devil, had another child that was a secret and now has come out of nowhere to marry Twayne which the union would bring the end of men. Well Mark (Skinny Human), Callie (Daughter of the Devil), Leonard (The Wizard) and Francis (Bulked Human) are here to stop it. The cutscenes in the game are handled with the similar design of the actual show on tv, but have less movement involved and are more of a still. Still they present what is happening very well, basically you receive a bit of story than you jump into a couple of levels to bridge the gaps. The levels are presented as a scrolling display, which is filled with tons of enemies, differing weapons, cash, food (which is health and some power-ups. Each level has nice variety of enemies, but is rather packed with them and the level design gets rather boring, really only changing if it’s a boss battle, which also differ very little. The true strength of the game I found was the way in which each character was developed, you level up in the game to 60, but this can be done with each of the characters in the game. Starting out each character has different areas that are higher, and can be developed to a certain part balancing out each of their abilities. You can also collect various weapons and pick from a selection of babies that give you abilities if you get carry them through the level.


The game is basically meant to be played with a party of 4, whether it be offline or online, the game experience is far better and is a blast. The game will adjust to the player numbers, but is still harder with less. Also because of the nature of the game, it does present coop decisions, from bosses to who gets to grab the food for health.


The game is presented in a cartoony style, which didn't take away from it, but gave it an unique feel. The game plays well, despite the lacking of level difference. Also really love the use of the analog stick to shoot, and the overly good direction of where you are going throughout the map.

The Conclusion

If you love the show, this is defiantly something will want to buy. It's a blast to play and does carry adult humor, although it may not be as fun without a group of friends. The game has a fair variety of levels, some of which will force you into leveling before you can finish it. Bosses were to a point somewhat boring, but didn’t take much away from the title. Finally I will say it carries good replay value if you want to level all your characters, also bringing up how annoying it is when someone picks the character you want to play.

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Review Done on Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 8.2

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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