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Hole in the Wall Review

"The Wall!"


The main I guess story mode is The Show where you have three acts, then a final round ending act, a neat concept, but is quite frustrating if you die, as you have to restart from the beginning of the area. There are many areas which you have to unlock by completing all the acts, you fail an act if you get three failed walls in a row. You also get marked on a neat scoring system depending on how well you fit the hole, which also makes wall completion time faster. Some of the shapes I found to be rather impossible to fit into and wish that the shapes had been made slightly taller, as I’m not too tall of an individual. The better you fit into the shape, the different color and high point score you will receive. There are a large variety of different walls to fit into and are always changing. A nice touch to the mode is the addition of having multiple other players into it.


The game sports the ability to have two players going at once fitting their bodies to the holes, this is actually a more interesting experience of the game, adding something that a group of people would enjoy with the Kinect. Along with the fun of two players, it also creates extra challenge, as both players have to be synced instead of yourself. The multiple players can engage in either the survival mode or the show mode on the blue or red team.


The key part of the game is fitting yourself into the shapes, with the best position for more points and faster wall passing. This remains true whether it be the show main mode, or the survival mode where you try to pass as many walls as possible before getting knocked into the sludge pool below. Also I will note that the menus use the Kinect well for maneuvering around and skipping scenes.

The Conclusion

Despite what I feel is a lack of modes, the game makes up for with the easy ability of just hitting the main goal of dodging the walls, by yourself or with others. The game gives off a cool game show feel and always has an unique design from the walls to shapes and even the presentation of the stage. I do also wish the game had a different way of restarting in the show mode, but it did create the proper Hole in the Wall atmosphere. At times the game can be frustrating, but the concept is well suited for the Kinect and groups of people, along with younger audience will defiantly enjoy the game.

Hole in the Wall Box Art

Review Done on Crimson Alliance for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 6.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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