Girl Fight Review

"A Cat Fight with Colorful Power-ups"


Pick your fighter and prepare to battle it out in the foundation as you make your way through a chain of feminine combatitants attempting to discover information about your past or what you are doing there in the first place. To be quite honest I didn't really find too much interest in what was attempted to be a campaign as it was more a quick arcade tournament that allowed you to battle a number of opponents. That really is far as story goes and that itself didn't really draw me in, the actually gameplay is interesting enough to make me want to sit there and play a few matches. It may or may not be that I am a male, but I'm assuming that female gamers will also enjoy the game's colorful cast of characters as they rage battle in the differing arenas using combos or PSI attacks. Moving onto the environments I found them to be a nice mix of random apocalypse scenes and crazy cybernetic worlds to have quick fights in. The combat aspect is split between the classic melee with punches, kicks and throws. These can also be selected to be higher or lower to take advantage of your enemies movements and create something fluent moves. The PSI aspect is the bars you collect during combat which can be spent on two pre-game selected abilities to help tackle enemies from the intense seismic fist of some basic metal skin. This is all thrown together with a fair number of characters which also have purchasable skins, abilities or some fairly nice looking artwork. The credits are collected constantly through combat, whether that be local against AI or even wagered against online opponents, which will be fairly hard to find from my searching. Despite this local or even combat against the AI is drawing and I had a great time in the many matches I played to grind out those achievements.

Girl Fight


Like I had previously stated it is very hard to find a match to play against someone online, though if you find someone or have a friend it can be an interesting and intense duel. The graphics of the world are neat fusing a computer style with realism and the detail is well done all around, though I just felt like more content could be packed in or even the game itself could have been introduced as a F2P to gain a larger crowd.

The Conclusion

Girl Fight is an interesting fighting game that really doesn't bring anything too special to the table except for some sexual characters, though it does provide you with some solid combat. Gameplay is pretty clear of what it is and those achievements are easily obtainable which will encourage you to spend extra time while actually enjoying it. I would suggest the game actually be brought back next-gen in perhaps the terms of a F2P so that there may be better support and more content with a larger fanbase. It's just a thought though, environments looks intense with each having a unique style that is reflected within the characters as well. Give Girl Fight a try at least since it is an entertaining title.

Girl Fight Box Art

Girl Fight for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner