Doodle Jump Kinect Review

"Jump of Longevity"


The adaptation of Doodle Jump for Kinect brings this crazy little hopper creature to the land of the HD living room. Moving side to side you take full control of the mini creature with actually very accurate controls. I will comment though that this did at times make me over compensate, but that would be at the player’s fault. Aside from side strides you will be taking full advantage of the differing powerups such as the spring to send you flying up into the air or even the wings where you must elegantly sway your arms frantically for height. This adds an interesting element of giving you a decent workout while not being too overwhelming. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how tiring it would be to jump every single step. So you as the mini creature are trying your best to make it to the top of the world area without falling or you will be sent back to a previous checkpoint. Now that is where the game gets a tad annoying with the levels taking an extraneous amount of effort with each fall and is tiring when they get to about ten minutes of length. Other than that I actually found the levels to be interesting and I will definitely say there is no lack of content. From all the different areas to the addition of some boss fights which I didn’t particularly enjoy, but some may like the challenge. Basically fly your way through the differing environments and take on those bosses, just watch out for the clouds!

Doodle Jump Kinect


Move your body to sway the little doodle guy through the air reaching the platforms and using powerups to assist on your way. There are a many creatures that may enter your path and coins to collect, but your best goal is to gain the highest score. From reaching that crucial time, to hitting the perfect spot on the jump pad it really is up to your movements to achieve the best rank.

The Conclusion

Be the doodler as you climb your way to greatness. I will note here at the end that I'm assuming that the younger audience may have more patience or agility and as you age it may be harder to play the game for an elongated time. Score the best time and the best score as you crush regular flying enemies or the new additional bosses.

Doodle Jump Kinect Box Art

Doodle Jump Kinect for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner