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Fireburst Review

"A Literally burn your Opponents Arcade Racer"


I’ll get down to the point and say there really isn’t too much of any story or campaign in Fireburst. There’s a section to unlock additional cars or extras for your particular characters, though I really didn’t find much or any benefit to doing so. It really is just a set amount of challenges that I would say somewhat introduce you to each of their personalities. The differing challenges were more of a frustration for me as compared to the core racing aspect of the game, so I somewhat left it to the side. That pushes me towards the core of the game where the focus is on the standard racing modes. Available for your choosing is either standard race that can be tweaked to your settings or just quickplay. Aside from that is the destruction mode where you idly drive around in attempts to smash your opponents. Which for some reason with AI was an incredibly difficult experience, though the concept could be fun if mastered. Racing the AI or even others it the best portion of the game. It looks and performs well with decent handling that even a less intense racer like I can enjoy. The maps are also differently designed with a cool environment that is littered with multiple pathways and hazards to watch for. On top of that mechanic is the ability to roast opponents or yourself if pushed too hard on the heat powerup. This can boost you ahead, destroy opponents or even send yourself to a fiery demise.


I decided to throw multiplayer in with gameplay since the solo and online portions of the game are essentially the same. I will note that some achievements are available for online play, though finding a match to play may be quite difficult. I did happen to get a couple folks to play so there is a chance to find folks and the online is actually really enjoyable. Gameplay comments are that for a racer it does what it needs to perfectly and the heating system is definitely neat.

The Conclusion

Fireburst is a definite arcade racing game. It’s a lot of fun to crash about and roast your opponents across these differing tracks. Worth a try at least for the regular gameplay racing and online if you can get that going. Will also note that the characters are rather annoying with their sayings and I did leave it on for a few hours while I left somewhere to annoy my family, which I can happily say bothered them quite well.

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Review Done on Fireburst for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 6.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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