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"Sticky Point Hopping"


Take the role of a small creepy looking spider as you attempt to make your way throughout a series of levels trying to gain points to unlock a higher tier or stars to progress. It is the type of game that rates you out of three stars while also being an interestingly challenging side scroller. The game presents each world with a series of minor levels that you must achieve a certain amount of stars to unlock the next stage. Once the stars are collected you can replay levels to try and place higher or just even to better yourself. Each of the levels has a differing taste of spice to it with similar environments, yet a vastly changing landscape of challenges. There is all sorts of minor skills you must be able to master in order to finish the obstacles to gain the highest score you can, if that is your goal. From swinging on assorted floating objectives to intensely well timed hops through little droplets of water, there are many things trying to kill you. Well at least trying to slow down your progression and take away potential from your score. Movement will be quick for the most part unless you get stuck a few times on a part until you can create a proper path to take. The graphic art style is definitely something to point out as it has a really beautiful dark style to it with some stunning back visuals.

Alien Spidy


A frantic pace is present throughout with your respawns being just as quick. Navigate through levels quickly while creating large chains of points and collection. The amount of time you spend on each puzzle will greatly be altered by how you adapt to each of the levels and their unique challenges. Whether it be timed hops or well placed bounces off of shrooms. I will note a ran into an occasional problem where powerups which enhance certain parts, didnít show after a second respawn, though this was a minor occurrence.

Alien Spidy

The Conclusion

Hop around in this frantic space spider web slinging game. It is slightly adorable to some extent with the little creature as it dies in a number of ways or flows through the maps fluently. I got some good quality time out of the game and if you love capping off ever higher scores then you will have many hours or game time available in this one.
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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