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Hybrid Review

"Intense Play, No Movement"


So what’s happened to cause humans to fight aliens in small differing battlefields without the ability to walk around, but have to use jetpacks? Well apparently dark matter, which is what both teams, which you are able to pick between are fighting for in battlezones all over the world in an attempt to get close to the core. This of course has both sides in a constant struggle for control with every battle that anyone is a part of assisting in the overall struggle. The concept backing the game is solid, but I just can’t understand why a game would allow no movement except for the flying between objectives. Like it is cool and all with the system working fine, it just isn’t something that appeals to me and most likely the majority of gamers. Each level is somewhat different, for the most part they feel rather small, but then again teams themselves are a tiny, yet well squad based. You face off another team in these arenas from the opposite side flying around cover to cover shooting each other. Combat is fine and at times enjoyable, it just feels lacking and I don’t quite get the point of making these drones so easily unlockable. They are like killstreaks and follow you or the ninja one runs and stabs people. It sounds cool, at times though I'm flocked with like five of these drones flying around and it just feels like too much. From there you know there are a few game modes, but really whenever I search for Objectives I just keep ending up with Team Deathmatch, although I can see these being due to the searching of others. Every match you have some choices of I guess missions or a goal within every match that varies from killing to assists. You get XP every match and level unlocking weapons, helmets or any of that nice stuff to be purchased.


Fly around in the 3rd perspective hiding behind cover in various angles, whether that be sideways, straight or upside down. Create strategies between your small team in these interestingly shaped maps and unleash drones!

The Conclusion

Hybrid can at times be enjoyable, is it a title that I would suggest to hop on immediately, absolutely not. I mean it is neat flying around killing each other and doing all sorts of evades, but it just doesn't have the right appeal or connection to keep me interested within the gameplay. Shoot things, fly around, then after a day, perhaps a few weeks you will move on to more interesting games.

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Review Done on Hybrid for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 5.8

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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