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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Review

"Photo Real with Arcade Awesome"


Compete on the track in many various ways from Arcade which is just a quick race mode to multiplayer over Live and then the career mode. Basically you will drive on various tracks with differing modes that gradually grow in length as you progress. There are a few classic modes that are basic in racing with race and time trial. These are mixed throughout the career. The gameplay is smooth and beautiful with 60fps and the game has quite a photo quality to it. The environment whizzes by as you are smashing and trying to take out your opponents. Aside from vehicles you will also have to worry about environmental obstacles such as giant logs or rocks that move onto the track. You may also find yourself lost in the area around the track or the neat extra things going on. More on career, as you level there are also different classes of vehicles that will become available to you. So you can really choose whatever your style with the differing classes and vehicles within those. The next layer to your experience is the leveling to cars which is gained through racing and well also destroying stuff. This enhances your car greatly, but does create some small problems in online balance. It is a neat element to add and is nicely noticeably during a race. Also the jungle level is a favorite.


Basically same as regular play, yet with opponents around the world. Race on track and game modes in a fun competitive way to claim the top spot. I do question the balance as custom leveling plays a major role and requires you to spend time in single player to even try to compete.


It looks beautiful and crisp, what else is there to say? It is smooth, the vehicles run well and are fun to drive. It is a really enjoyable time, just bumping and passing opponents in a game that feels realistic, but still manages to have an arcade aspect.

The Conclusion

It’s fun, enjoyable and a nice arcade racer. Plays smooth, track looks nice and is definitely worth your time. Also it is fully licensed and McGrath somehow always seems to be the leader, well your main competition. It has difficulties for any level and many levels to play. Level your car to become the best, then take the racing online.

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Review Done on Jeremy McGrath's Offroad for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 9.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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