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The Splatters Review

"Swoosh n’ Splat 'in"


How does one describe The Splatters? Well basically you send out these blobs of what I believe is paint and try to do tricky styles with them in order to splatter over these gobs of goo hanging everywhere. You originally start in these somewhat beginner trials helping you to perform and perfect the skills you are taught in between these levels in teaching parts. Overall the difficulty to learn how movement works is fairly simple, but it is taking these learning's and applying them into more complex advanced trick shots. Think of it as a dunk contest of goo flying through the air. Anyways you move from level to level, every place looks different and sporting differing styles to splat over all the gobs scoring a total score. If you miss any though the game is over, along with you having to match colors in order to erase some of the gobs. There are also bonus items to be hit for extra score and multiplier bonuses. After sending these little splatters to their imminent death you are scored on leaderboards and can upload your mini level to the splat tv which allows others to view your sick play to score those points. I just found it really neat of an arcade game offering that type of support with video footage for others to be amazed and learn from. The differing styles of how to move through a level are really cool and will be even more amazing watching what others come up with. At times you may require some assistance to move through levels and the game kindly offers a guide video which is really helpful and makes the game more supportive. When you do complete a sick feat then finish the level whether it be bombing or perhaps a quick back swoosh across the map the colors are very satisfying. Once out of the starting section there is much more to the game with other options streaming with challenges.


A game full of vibrant and beautiful splattering globs that will attract you attention to the crazy movement. The controls are very simple, but allow much creativity, I did find that sometimes an extra splatter would move if I tapped A too much, but I will let it go as it assists in quick combos.

The Conclusion

The Splatters looks really cool and is a very fun game to play. You can create unique gameplay moving through the levels, getting high scores and show everyone your style on splatter tv area. I still don’t quite know what they are, but when the splatters soar and splat over the gobs with some shakes it is really magical to look at.

The Splatters Box Art

Review Done on The Splatters for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 8.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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