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Dungeon Defenders Review

"Create your Hero, find some friends and defend the Crystal!, with some traps"


You being your journey of Dungeon defending by jumping right into character customization where you can choose many aspects from color to the exact detail, along with your crystal to defend (unlock more as you play) and name. There are four classes to choose from each providing different styles of play along with a different set of defense items. From the deep character editing you are sent to your tavern where you select your missions, run around hitting dummies and hitting up the pub guy if you want to spend some mana which is the currency to buy weapons, pets or armor for your character. I will also note it’s a smart idea to lock what you want as prices and items are always changing. Now you are ready to go to crystal to select your mission, there is also a tutorial mission to prepare you for the intense dungeons. At the start of each level you are given a build time, which you can set to unlimited, where you go around to chests collecting mana to build some defenses to help protect from the oncoming enemies. When your satisfied click the crystal to begin, it starts out fairly easy in the first few battle rounds, but after it just amps it up and it gets excitingly epic. If you are playing online it's even more intense with added enemies determined by your numbers. As you level you gain more abilities, defenses and more health/mana storage. A level up area will also pop up when its safe and allows you to enhance your hero’s abilities. At every building phase you also have to option to throw extra collected mana to your bank to hold onto for the tavern. There are many levels to play, that each have a new feel and make you change how you setup to defend.


Aside from the campaign, there is also a challenge mode section allowing you to play a large selection of challenges on the different levels, from teleporting crystals, to defending you troll and my favorite protecting your crystal from tons of goblins!


The game jumps a level from single player to multiplayer, the game is a lot more intense coordinating with teammates up to four players at once, building defenses and choosing where everyone will defend. The amount of enemies also changes by how many of you there are, making it even more hectic with tons of explosions and enemies flying everywhere!

The Conclusion

Dungeon Defenders at times has an epic level of things going on, with the mix the players, enemies and defenses! The part of the game that really stands out for me though is the large depth of how you make your character exactly how you want and your pet! The levels are fun to play and there is a good variety of everything within the game. There are many, many hours of game that you can play.

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Review Done on Dungeon Defenders for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 9.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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