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Motorhead: Victor Vran Pax East 2017 Impressions

At PAX East 2017 I was excited to see Motorhead Through the Ages- A Victor Vran Addition. Legendary Motorhead front man, Lemmy Kilmister, sent Snaggletooth to keep the demons at bay in their dimension, but recently Snaggletooth has gone silent. Lemmy summons Demon Hunter, Victor Vran to the Pub at the End of Time to ask him to find out what has happened. The Pub is the mission hub and is overseen by the bartender/narrator, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. Victor gets all new rock-themed powers and gear, including “The Lemmy” bass guitar. Regarding Victor’s new look, he resembles Lemmy so much that in a way I wanted it to be him, but I also did not want it to be him. It is difficult for me to put my finger on it. To me, Lemmy was more the storyteller, adept at telling tales of glory than to be the one creating them. Motorhead’s iconic music inspires a new look and style of gameplay to the Victor Vran title.

Motorhead: Victor Vran Screenshot of cleaning up after murder game

The game boasts thirteen tracks from the band and acts as an anthology of their music through the ages. The levels are inspired by Lemmy’s love of World War II and the Old West. Some of the new Motorhead themed power-ups are the Iron Fist and The Bomber. I especially liked the latter as the silhouette of the plane passes over before the bombs saturated the area. While this tactic may seem a bit overkill, your enemies have no class and will not hesitate to shoot you in the back, so Victor must teach them how to bleed if he wants the metropolis to stay clean. I was told that in the beginning of the project Lemmy worked with the developers due to his love of video games. After his passing on December 28, 2015, the game took on the role of a tribute to the God Father of Thrash, Lemmy Kilmister. Motorhead Through the Ages- A Victor Vran Addition is available now on Steam and is due out on Xbox One and PS4 Spring 2017. Victor Vran: Overkill Edition releases physically and digitally on the same day for Xbox One, PS4, and PC including the two content expansions, Fractured Worlds and Motorhead: Through the Ages.

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