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Xbox Backwards Compatible Games are Basically New Releases

Ever since its announcement there's been a ton of hype involved with the release of Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. It started slowly in November 2015 with a large selection of titles and since then has grown to over 200 titles. While not all games will get the same love on the program (looking at you small digital titles I've somehow never heard of) but for the larger releases they're getting a ton of attention. Most are actually being treated as though they're basically new releases to the same level of cheers as HD remasters, yet with even more excitement around some of them. A couple of the more recent backwards compatible releases have also generated a ton of general hype with Red Dead Redemption being the big one and something gamers have really been craving since the program's inception. Aside from players revisiting the classic as they have been in droves which is apparent on friends lists the game itself is also selling like crazy.

Xbox Backwards Compatible Games are Basically New Releases

This has been seen with a number of larger titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption getting a huge jump in sales since their Xbox One release. The swarm of players checking it out would most likely be those wanting to grab the title again or simply new players in the generation wanting to give them a try. Not only have players been excited about it these titles are also being heavily marketed by Xbox as well as the publishers for each of the titles. The games are getting just as big marketing pushes as regular releases and even more so than most digital titles published on Xbox which is crazy.

Crazy in that these old games are being treated as brand new titles all these years later and still grabbing countless hours of player's time. Red Dead Redemption also received a bit of a boost in performance on Xbox One which is nice (Digital Foundry Tests) so it's also the best place to play some these classics and that's also quite a draw as well. Whatever the case is players are loving these old titles being released once more as are the publishers of the titles. I'm sure the new purchases both digital and physical are definitely rewarding for the publishers as they don't have to do any additional work on the games to reap the benefits.

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Xbox Backwards Compatible Games are Basically New Releases

Article by: Jason Stettner

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