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I Made My Own Yarny

Unravel has quickly become one of my most anticipated titles with each trailer only making me want to play this game more. The title character is called Yarny and he is probably the most adorable gaming character of all time. The creator of the game has his own yarn Yarny that he brings around with him and has recently released a guide so that anyone can make their own Yarny. With that available I thought it might be a nice project for my mother and I since she has also quite liked the Yarny trailers so we decided to make one. Below is the process we took to make our Yarny with pictures though this isn't a guide for you to make your own and more of what we were able to create based on the guide you can click on below. The cost of this process for us was $13 total and we got it from a chain craft store. I was very happy with our creation by the end of it and all the supplies can be seen in the first image below. We also did the first step in bending out the core body as you can see in the picture. Additionally Yarny is suppose to be around 8 1/2 inches with the Yarny we created being just under 10 due to not enough thought going towards how big the head was.

Build Your Own Yarny Guide

Unravel Yarny Custom

The next section of the creation was creating the shape of Yarny and doing some extra metal twisting in order to create a strong base for him. This wasn't too difficult, but we did have some trouble getting the ears right in order to make it look proper. Thankfully the metal we chose was easy to bend, yet very sturdy so Yarny will be easy placed around.

Unravel Yarny Custom

With some additional metal pieces added to the body structure we finally finished the skeleton of our Yarny and that can be found below. It's also put up against a measuring tape to see the size and has metal wrapped around loosely in order to create a body shape instead of him being really skinny.

Unravel Yarny Custom

After finishing the skeleton we wrapped him with Yarn which was really difficult and took many tries. It's particularly hard to get the feet, hands and ears going since it always unravels (haha, game title). Eventually we did get it and did the best we could to shape our Yarny properly. From there it was just adding in some white eyes which took literally no yarn. This portion took us the longest and the project altogether was about a half hour or so, but it will change depending on how much you mess up. We also found that having this thicker yarn was not the best, but Yarny still turned out perfectly.

Unravel Yarny Custom

Above is our finished Yarny and I am quite proud of the results since it looks lovely. He's got tons of flexibility in order to move his arms or legs around in various shapes though I have some troubles getting him to stand by himself. I'm looking forward to taking Yarny out for some photos though it was far too dark by the time we completed the project. If you have some extra cash and are a fan of the game I definitely suggest making your own to go with it. We had a great time completing Yarny and I'm too scared about unraveling any of his limbs. We're probably going to make another one since we have extra materials around and will maybe go for a bit different of a version to give him a special friend.

Article by: Jason Stettner

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